Open Day


Workshops at the Target Open Day

Unique to the Target Open Day, the free business workshops have become a highlight, not least for their diversity. Product roadmaps, marketing, social media, cybercrime, improved business efficiency and the latest information on market trends were all subjects covered this year.

It also saw the return of three all-new ShopTalk workshops presnted by Target MD, Paul Cubbage, and Sales Director, Carl Dearing, who provided resellers with ideas on how they can pick up easy B2B business in their local area, as well as a roundtable business surgery where attendees raised business issues, the solutions to which were offered by other attendees.

With several workshops going on at any one time, there was no way to attend all of them, so we have made the presentations, and other resources kindly provided by the hosts, available as downloads - simply click the Workshop Resources tab and select the ones you want.

Workshop Timetable

As you can see, it was a busy day of workshops, punctuated only by lunch. But, in order to deliver value for attendees, many of whom shut up shop for the day to attend, we had to make sure the talks and workshops were as diverse and informative as possible to cover Target's broad range of customer types. Judging by the feedback we've had, workshops attendees felt like they delivered, leaving them bursting with new ideas, time-and-money-saving skills, as well as a better understanding of where the IT market is going.

Business Workshop Timetable at the Target Open Day

Workshop Resources and Downloads

With a packed timetable of workshops, there was no way attendees could get to participate in all of them. But, fear not, we've made as many of the presentations and other resources available here for you to download.

Simply click the link on each one you want and they will download automatically.

Many thanks to all the presenters who've made these resources available.