Target Open Day 2019


Everyone attending the Open Day needs to register. There are a number of reasons why:

  1. It's a trade-only event and registration helps check everyone attending is a real business.
  2. Knowing who's coming means we can comply with the hotel's health and safety requirements where they know who is in the building.
  3. It helps us plan for the Day's catering, refreshments, dinner and entertainment - making sure there's enough to go around!. We provide the Day free so controlling costs matters.

Registration is easy - just follow the steps below - there's a £15 per business & £5 per attendee REFUNDABLE deposit to pay (refunded the week after the Open Day to all attendees).

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Deposit and Attendance Fee Mechanics including Refunds

This document outlines how the deposit and attendance fee system works. It also includes details on how refunds can be claimed and how they will be paid.

Deposit and Attendance Fees

  • The total sum payable comprises two components:
    • A fixed deposit of £0.001
    • A variable attendance fee of £0.001/head
  • The full fee is payable for attendance at any part or all of the Open Day including the Awards ceremony.
  • The total sum payable is the sum of the deposit plus the number of attendance fees.
Number attending Deposit Fee Attendance Fee Total payable
1 £0.001 £0.001 £0.00
2 £0.001 2x £0.001 = £0.00 £0.00
3 £0.001 3x £0.001 = £0.00 £0.00


  • Registrations cancelled before August 1st will receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations after August 1st but before September 27th will be refunded according to the rules for partial attendance below.
  • The total deposit and attendance fee will be refunded if the number of people registered to attend do attend.
  • For partial attendance, the deposit fee and proportionate attendance fees will NOT be refunded:
    • If three people register but only two attend, 2 x £0 = £0 is refunded, £0 is not
    • If two people register but only one attends, 1 x £0 = £0 is refunded, £0 is not
    • If one person registers and does not attend, the full fee is lost
  • All refunds made will comprise a credit to the relevant customer account.