Target Open Day 2018
Evening National IT Reseller Awards

National IT Reseller Awards

ShopTalk National IT Reseller Awards at Target Servers Plus 20th Anniversary Open Day 2018

The ShopTalk National IT Reseller Awards returned for our 20th Anniversary this year. As in previous years, the Awards are designed to be of value, whether you nominate yourself for one, or vote. Why? It's a chance to share good ideas, best practice and what's worked for some resllers that might work for others. But it's also a chance to highlight activities that haven't worked and how they might with a bit if finetuning.

Target had NO influence on who nominated, who voted, how they voted or the outcome of the voting - so the winners were those whose nominations were deemed best by the only people who could vote - Target customers.

And this year the standard of entries was higher than ever. There was a noticable improvement in quality of activity too, from BullGuard livery on a works van, to public gaming tournaments and whole new websites, the standards set were exceptional.

But there were winners. Some were close wins, some were much more decisive but every single one of them were deserved. How do we know? Our customers said so.

Photos of the winners are available here, in the Awards photo gallery.

Here's the full list of winners in each category - huge congratulations to all of them, comiserations to those who didn't but, most of all, thank you to everyone for taking part:

Best Business Idea - GHI Computers

Best Event or Activity - DTec Computers

Best External Signage - 121 Computers

Best Internal Retail Display - DTec Computers

Best Marketing - FYL Direct

Best Shop Window - Martin Group Services

Best Use of Social Media - DTec Computers

Best Website - FYL Direct